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Tips To Make Medical Appointments Easier For Seniors 

Physical/Occupational Therapy: Medical Appointments in Cincinnati, OH
Physical/Occupational Therapy: Medical Appointments in Cincinnati, OH

Going to medical appointments can be difficult for seniors. It doesn’t matter if the appointment is a physical therapy appointment, routine medical appointment, medical screening, or an appointment for something like a vision or hearing check it’s common for seniors to try and avoid going to medical appointments because of the stress and hassle of the appointment. But there are things that seniors can do to make physical therapy, routine medical appointments, and other medical care much less stressful. Family caregivers can help too. Some things that can make medical appointments easier for seniors include:

Get Home Medical Care

If your senior parent needs routine medical care or physical therapy see if they can have that care at home provided by a doctor who makes house calls or a home health care professional. In most cases seniors would be much more open to getting routine medical care that could help diagnose problems early if that care could be done at home. Routine screenings and tests, physicals, and other assessments should be done at home whenever possible.

Arrange For Transportation In Advance

If a visit to a medical office can’t be avoided and your senior parent no longer drives help them by arranging the transportation in advance. Ideally you or a home caregiver that your senior parent knows and trusts would drive them to the appointment. But if that’s not possible you could ask a neighbor or a friend to drive them. If that’s not an option either then arrange for a cab or a rideshare a few days in advance so that your senior aren’t isn’t scrambling to find transportation the day of the appointment and worrying about being late. You should also arrange transportation back home at the same time. Some rideshare drivers will even wait for seniors at the doctor so that they can ride home with the same driver.

Schedule Appointments Early In The Morning

Typically seniors like to get their medical appointments over and done with. And seniors often are more alert and more likely to adjust well to the change in their routine if the appointment is early in the day. Afternoon appointments are particularly hard on seniors with conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. It’s not always possible to schedule a medical appointment, but when you are given an option to pick an appointment time try to get a time that is early in the morning or around mid-morning.

Get There Early

If you’re driving your senior parent to the doctor’s office leave enough time so that you can get there early. Very often seniors get stressed out about arriving late to a medical appointment. But I can take them extra time to walk from the parking lot to the office if there building is large and the parking lot far away. And they may need to visit the bathroom and get a drink before the appointment. Leave time so that your senior parent won’t feel rushed going to the appointment.

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