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Five Ways Seniors Can Celebrate Great American Pie Month 

Companion Care at Home: American Pie Month in Cincinnati, OH
Companion Care at Home: American Pie Month in Cincinnati, OH

February is when food comas are wearing off from the holidays, but that means it’s the perfect time to celebrate Great American Pie Month. For seniors, this is a fun month-long holiday that could result in a lot of different types of activities that can be mentally and socially stimulating. Companion care at home can be a huge help in putting together a series of pie activities for seniors.

Expand and Experiment with Pie

By celebrating Great American Pie Month, seniors can step out of their pie comfort zones and experiment with all sorts of other types of pie. When most people think about pie, it tends to be the sweet version. Savory versions do exist, however, like quiche. Trying different flavor combinations inspires creativity and can be a lot of fun.

Try Pie for Breakfast

Pie for breakfast is another idea for seniors. Breakfast pies, including savory versions, are a great idea. But it’s possible to have a nutritious breakfast pie made with vegetables or fruits, too. Recipes that include lots of nutritious ingredients and very little sugar are some of the best choices to go with if seniors are starting their days with pie.

Consider a Variety of Recipes

Balancing nutrition with taste is incredibly important, especially for seniors. But that doesn’t mean that pie has to be dull and boring. This is something that home care providers can help seniors to manage, too. Swapping out white flour for almond flour or oats in the pie crust can be a great way to add nutrients to the pie without changing the flavor too much. There are tons of different recipes out there, and February is a great time to search those out.

Explore Pie-themed Crafts and Activities

Another way to get seniors involved in Great American Pie Month is to explore different pie-themed crafts and activities. Making cards with a pie theme or cross-stitching a pie-themed sampler are just two ideas. There are lots of ways that seniors can celebrate pies and do a variety of different activities and crafts. Home care assistance can offer companionship during activities and also help with setting them up.

Have Pie-themed Movie Afternoons

For seniors who enjoy movies, pie-themed movie events could be a fun way to celebrate pies and have a social event. Elder care providers can help seniors to enjoy different movies that feature pies in some way. Whether friends and family can also make it to these fun events or not, it’s a way for seniors to have some fun around other people and still play around with concepts related to pies.

Great American Pie Month comes around every February and it can be a lot of fun for aging adults. Companion care at home can work with seniors and family caregivers to help establish themes and adventures that add to quality of life while also celebrating everything pie. There are lots of ways to make this type of fun holiday tasty and social, which can help seniors to be more involved in their communities, too.


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