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How To Protect Seniors With Dementia From Heat-Related Illness

Heat-related illnesses are rising among seniors, especially those with Dementia or Alzheimer's, highlighting the critical need for Alzheimer’s home care to protect them from conditions like heat stroke.
Alzheimer’s home care can help seniors stay protected from extreme heat and weather.
Alzheimer’s home care can help seniors stay protected from extreme heat and weather.

Heat-related illnesses among seniors are on the rise. Summers are getting hotter and more intense almost everywhere, and the temperature is climbing much earlier in the year than ever before. Without the help of Alzheimer’s home care or family caregivers, experts warn that seniors have a very high risk of heat-related illness, including heat stroke, which can be fatal.

Seniors who have Alzheimer’s have an even higher risk of heat-related illness than other seniors. That’s because seniors with dementia often can’t recognize when they are getting too warm. And they may also not be able to tell if they are thirsty or sweating. Depending on their mental decline, they also may not be able to ask for help if they need it. A senior with Alzheimer’s could develop heat exhaustion or heat stroke before anyone even notices.

That’s why it’s very important for anyone who has a senior parent with Alzheimer’s to take the threat of heat-related illness seriously.

Some things that family members of seniors with Alzheimer’s can do to protect their loved ones are:


Get Alzheimer’s Home Care Services

Alzheimer’s home care can protect seniors who are aging in place. The care providers who offer Alzheimer’s home care are experienced and trained to notice signs of discomfort in seniors with Alzheimer’s. They know that seniors with dementia can’t always recognize or express their physical needs. So, they will keep a sharp eye on your senior parent to make sure that they don’t become overheated. They can do things like make sure your parent is dressed appropriately for the weather.

Alzheimer’s home care providers can also prompt your senior parent to drink cool water regularly so they don’t become dehydrated.


Put Cameras In The Home

If your senior parent is aging in place and they spend any part of the day alone you should have security cameras in the home. That way you can check in on them through the cameras. Using an app on your phone you can talk to your senior parent and see them. That way you can see if they are looking red in the face or acting like they are in distress. If you are concerned by what you see you can send EMS to the home to help your senior parent.


Use A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers, especially fitness watches, do more than just track fitness. Get your senior parent a fitness tracker or watch that also monitors vital signs. Then, you can check their heart rate and breathing on your phone through the app. If you notice that your senior parent seems to be in physical distress, you can get them help before anything serious happens.


Make Sure Seniors Are Drinking Often

Drinking water won’t prevent all heat-related illnesses. But it can help to keep seniors cool throughout the day. Make sure that you or a caregiver are directing your senior loved one to drink water every hour during the day to keep them hydrated.


Alzheimer’s home care providers can also monitor everything from hydration to fall risk and more. With specialized training and compassion, Alzheimer’s home care professionals can give aging seniors with Alzheimer’s the support and dignity they deserve.



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