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Five Tools Physical Therapy Uses to Keep Seniors Safe at Home

Physical/occupational therapy offers seniors a variety of tools they can use to help them stay safer in their own homes.
Seniors can safely age in place with the help of physical/occupational therapy.
Seniors can safely age in place with the help of physical/occupational therapy.

Safety needs to be the primary concern for seniors who are planning to age in place. Aging in place offers older adults a variety of benefits, but it can also bring with it some big challenges. Maintaining mobility, safety, and independence with the help of physical/occupational therapy is crucial if seniors want to keep aging in place.

Physical/occupational therapy caregivers have some techniques and tools that can help seniors be safer at home while they work toward aging in place.


Home Environment Assessments

Family caregivers and seniors absolutely need to understand what environmental difficulties might be at play. Physical therapists can evaluate the senior’s functional abilities and the environment in which the senior lives. This helps to identify possible hazards, barriers and challenges the senior faces.

Physical/occupational therapy providers develop a solid understanding of what their clients need and want so they can put a personalized plan in place.


Recommendations for Assistive Tools

Besides home modifications, seniors may need a variety of assistive tools if they’re determined to age in place. Some of these tools might be added to a bathroom, such as grab bars around the perimeter and in the shower. They could also include improved lighting or taking steps like removing clutter. These recommendations can also include assistive tools like walkers or canes that can improve safety and functional mobility.


Strategies for Safe Mobility

Beyond using tools and making modifications for safety, seniors may need to adopt additional strategies for safe mobility. These could include learning proper body mechanics so that seniors can continue to perform activities of daily living safely.

Balance exercises can be part of a fall prevention plan. Physical/occupational therapy can also help patients learn how to conserve energy and reduce fatigue as they go about their daily lives. These strategies may be very new for seniors, especially if they’ve not had to worry about safety issues in the past.


Collaborating with Care Teams

Physical therapists work closely with other healthcare providers, doctors, and specialists who care for the patient. When everyone is on the same page, it’s much easier to coordinate interventions and ensure that the person receiving care is getting all of the help they need. Patients have better outcomes and experience an improved overall quality of life.


Promoting Independence

Part of what leads seniors to age in place is usually the desire to remain independent for as long as possible. Physical/occupational therapy can help them improve their independence.

Physical therapists work with their patients to help them remain as mobile as possible while also being safe. As seniors become stronger through physical activity, they’re better able to remain independent.


Aging in place offers seniors an opportunity to maintain as much control of their own lives as they want, but they may need help to do so safely. Physical/occupational therapy is one way seniors can navigate the challenges of aging confidently while getting the help they need to stay as healthy as possible.



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