The Wonderful Benefits Home Care Offers Seniors Who Are Struggling with Hearing Loss

Home Care: Communication Aids in Madeira, OH

When you were younger, perhaps in your teenage years or 20s or 30s, if you were considered ‘normal’ and healthy, you might not have any concerns with regard to your hearing. Unfortunately, many of these younger generations (and this has been going back decades now) don’t take their hearing very seriously. They just assume everything […]

How Skilled Nursing Helps Seniors Recover At Home After A Heart Attack

Skilled Nursing Care: Seniors Recover in Madeira, OH

If your senior parent has suffered a heart attack they will need continued care after they are released from the hospital. Recovery at home can take a long time, especially if the heart attack was a serious one. During that recovery period your senior parent may need skilled nursing care at home. Skilled nursing care […]

Tips To Make Medical Appointments Easier For Seniors 

Physical/Occupational Therapy: Medical Appointments in Cincinnati, OH

Going to medical appointments can be difficult for seniors. It doesn’t matter if the appointment is a physical therapy appointment, routine medical appointment, medical screening, or an appointment for something like a vision or hearing check it’s common for seniors to try and avoid going to medical appointments because of the stress and hassle of […]

Five Ways Seniors Can Celebrate Great American Pie Month 

Companion Care at Home: American Pie Month in Cincinnati, OH

February is when food comas are wearing off from the holidays, but that means it’s the perfect time to celebrate Great American Pie Month. For seniors, this is a fun month-long holiday that could result in a lot of different types of activities that can be mentally and socially stimulating. Companion care at home can […]

Six Benefits Gained When Your Dad Has In-Home Care

In-Home Care: 6 Benefits for Dad in Cincinnati, OH

What do you know about in-home care? It’s one of the best services for older adults who are starting to slow down due to chronic health conditions or severe arthritis pain. Discover the different benefits your dad will gain when he’s supported by caregivers. Assistance With Ambulation Does your dad have a hard time getting […]

Home Care Solutions for Seniors with Low Vision: A Guide to Improved Living

Home Care: Low Vision in Cincinnati, OH

Improving Quality of Life for Seniors with Low Vision: Home Care Services and Assistive Technology As people age, many experience a gradual deterioration of their vision that can dramatically reduce their quality of life. Low vision can make daily tasks such as reading, cooking, or walking around more challenging for seniors living alone in their […]

Blessing Home Health Care, Inc’s First Newsletter

Blessing Home Health Care, Inc: January 2024

January 2024 Edition Greetings to Our Valued Clients and Personnel, We are thrilled to kick off the new year with exciting news and updates from Blessing Home Health Care, Inc. We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new website, designed to provide a user-friendly experience and a wealth of information about our services […]

Video: Mohamed Warmahaye- Owner of Blessing Home Health Care Inc., Shares His Story

Mohamed Warmahaye: My name is Mohamed Warmahaye, the owner of Blessing Home Healthcare Inc. here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mohamed Warmahaye is the owner of Blessing Home Healthcare Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. He established the agency to provide care for elderly individuals who want to stay in their homes. The agency offers specific training for caregivers to meet the needs of clients with conditions such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s. When hiring caregivers, Warmahaye looks for individuals who have a genuine desire to care for clients and who possess empathy. The agency can be contacted through their website, phone number, or email.

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