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How Alzheimer’s Home Care Can Help Your Mom Live Independently

Alzheimer’s home care provides extra support to people with Alzheimer’s with specialized training, helping them feel independent, supported, and loved.
Alzheimer’s home care can help your loved one maintain their independence while getting the daily help they need.
Alzheimer’s home care can help your loved one maintain their independence while getting the daily help they need.

If your mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and you’re not sure what comes next for her or for you as a family, that’s normal. After your mom is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, there’s a period of time when everyone has to readjust their expectations. But the issue of where your mom will live must be addressed sooner rather than later.

Your mom may be able to continue living independently if she wants to. Most seniors want to stay in homes that are familiar to them. If your mom has Alzheimer’s care at home, she will have the extra help and support she needs to continue living at home safely.

Alzheimer’s home care is a type of home care that provides extra support to people with Alzheimer’s. The caregivers who work with seniors who have Alzheimer’s have extra training that helps them do things like:


Communicate With Seniors Who Have Alzheimer’s

When communicating with a senior with Alzheimer’s, tone of voice, language, and body language are very important. As seniors lose more of their cognitive abilities, they won’t be able to understand the words that are being said.

However, they will understand tone, body language, and facial expressions. Care providers who work with people with Alzheimer’s know how to practice patient active listening and communicate effectively.


Help Family Members

Family members go through their own Alzheimer’s journey as they help a senior parent. Alzheimer’s home care providers can help you understand the changes that your mom is going through, how the disease is impacting her brain, and how you can provide emotional support for your mom. If you’re actively taking care of your mom, care providers can give you a break by providing respite care.


Keep Seniors Safe

There are hundreds of ways that a senior parent living alone who has Alzheimer’s can get hurt. Falling is one of the most common ways seniors get hurt, but there are lots of others. Seniors who have the support of Alzheimer’s home care will be safe at home. There will always be someone there who can make sure that your senior parent isn’t behaving in unsafe ways.


Read Body Language And Other Cues

As Alzheimer’s advances, your mom may no longer be able to tell you when she’s hungry, thirsty, or when she has to go to the bathroom. She won’t know because she cannot recognize her body’s cues. That can be frustrating for family caregivers. However, a trained care provider can read your mom’s body language and other cues to figure out what she needs. And they can help you learn to do that, too.


Support Seniors At Every Stage

Alzheimer’s is a journey. Sometimes, seniors progress quickly on the journey, but sometimes, there are long periods where there are no changes. Alzheimer’s home care is available for all stages of the disease, so your mom will always have the compassionate help and support she needs.



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