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Managing Osteoarthritis Challenges For Seniors

Senior Home Care: Osteoarthritis in Cincinnati, OH
Senior Home Care: Osteoarthritis in Cincinnati, OH

How Can Seniors Overcome the Challenges of Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that impacts daily life and overall well-being. This type of arthritis can affect people of any age, but it is very common for older people to find themselves battling osteoarthritis pain. There are some proactive steps that seniors can take to overcome some of the biggest challenges of osteoarthritis, especially when they have help from senior home care providers.

Symptoms and Challenges of Osteoarthritis

This type of arthritis happens when the cartilage that cushions individual joints breaks down and disappears. The most common symptoms include stiffness and pain in the affected joints. Those symptoms can come and go, depending on a variety of factors. Some people with osteoarthritis experience diminished range of motion as well as grating or grinding feelings as the bones move against each other due to a lack of cartilage.

Managing Weight

Seniors with excess weight may find that affects how well they’re able to manage their osteoarthritis. This is particularly a problem when weight-bearing joints, like the hips or knees, are the ones affected by osteoarthritis. Finding ways to reduce excess weight, like adopting healthier eating practices and paying attention to portion sizes, is a great way to start out managing weight.

Starting an Exercise Program

Exercise can be a solid tool in a senior’s toolbox when they’re trying to manage osteoarthritis. Exercise can improve joint flexibility while also strengthening the muscles around affected joints. It’s vital that aging adults talk with their doctors first before starting a new plan for exercise. Once cleared to move more, they might enjoy activities like low-impact exercise, strength training, or flexibility exercises. A combination of all of these can help to offer benefits in multiple ways.

Following Doctors’ Recommendations

Doctors offer seniors with osteoarthritis a thorough care plan that covers a lot of ground. The most important part of those recommendations is for seniors to stick to the plan. That means taking medications if they’re prescribed as well as sticking with dietary recommendations, exercise suggestions, and even treatments like physical therapy if that is necessary. Senior home care providers can help seniors to stick to those care plans and ensure they’re doing all that they can to manage their osteoarthritis.

Getting Some Additional Help

Severe osteoarthritis or really bad days might mean adding some more tools to the arsenal. First, it’s very helpful to have senior home care providers available on a regular basis. Caregivers get to know the patients they work with and they’re able to help with assistive devices, emotional support, and other types of daily assistance. With the help of caregivers, seniors are able to maintain independence and improve their quality of life over time.

Overcoming the challenges of osteoarthritis means addressing all of the various ways that it complicates life for seniors. Senior home care providers can help families to determine what their aging adults need in terms of this type of situation so that they can put a solid plan in place that covers as much ground as possible.

Excerpt: Seniors who are dealing with osteoarthritis find that some days are better than others. Senior home care professionals can help them to have more of those good days.

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